LucRo classic

The traditional all-round protection for diabetic foot syndrome

LucRo classic Collection

LucRo kinetic

The slender alternative for people with diabetes

LucRo kinetic Collection

LucRo ergonic

Good news for people with rheumatism or diabetes

LucRo ergonic Collection


For people with rheumatism or diabetes

LucRo quality

LucRo Qualität

With workmanship of a high standard, a design that protects the foot and a diverse range of features, quality is what goes into every LucRo shoe.

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A coordinated range of shoe care products and accessories is the perfect complement to the extensive LucRo footwear collection.

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Care instructions

With a little attention and careful treatment, you can extend the service life of your LucRo shoes while making them even more comfortable to wear.

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Diabetic foot syndrome is a dreaded complication of diabetes mellitus. The right footwear can play a decisive part in preventing additional problems.

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Wearing special shoes that ease strain on the joints can help noticeably with rheumatic pain and limited movement.

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Our company is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly production. The same is true when it comes to selecting leather.

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