every step of the way

Quality at LucRo is not simply reduced to footwear; it is a philosophy that underlies our entire company. Sustainability is extremely important to us. This applies to our own production processes as well as our choice of material suppliers. We only work with manufacturers who meet our high standards of quality workmanship and sustainable production.

Environmentally friendly leather production

Tanning agents are essential to make animal skin durable and to transform it into leather. In order to meet today’s needs, most companies use chemically produced tanning agents. An important aspect of doing business in this regard is professional handling and compliance with environmental requirements. This applies to the tanning process as well as the disposal of chemical substances.

So that you can be confident of the highest quality at all times with LucRo, we only ever use leather materials that have been properly and sustainably produced.


The purely plant-based alternative

An alternative to the chemical tanning process is known as ‘vegetable tanning’. For this, the only tanning agents used come from nature and include extracts from different kinds of wood or rhubarb, for instance. There are no artificial, synthetic additives at all. This is one of the healthiest possible methods for people and the environment. Furthermore, vegetable-tanned leather protects skin flora. Such a method is considerably more labour-intensive and timeconsuming for the tanner. In many cases, the entire production process from animal hide to finished leather can take up to two years.

Vegetable tanning agents are also much more environmentally friendly when it comes to disposal. Any remains can be easily recycled and used as agricultural fertiliser – for a clean and safe environment.

Qualität – made in Germany. Sustainability good.

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