LucRo ergonic

A new addition to the range:
the special shoe for people with rheumatism or diabetes.

Now also for people with rheumatism

Class I medical product with mark
Certified biocompatible LucRo inner lining
Clinical study in progress

The adaptable one

In addition to proven ulcer recurrence protection, the LucRo ergonic also provides ideal features for rheumatism care.

A recent diabetes study shows that the LucRo ergonic effectively protects against recurring foot ulcers. Its joint-friendly features also reduce the symptoms of rheumatism patients. This is why the LucRo specialist shoe is listed for both indications.

Perfect all-round protection plus:

  • last in a natural form
  • stiffening sole for optimum pressure distribution (must be firmly glued in for diabetes!)
  • large and diverse selection of 38 models

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