LucRo Accessories

Perfect protection with LucRo does not stop with the shoes

The comprehensive LucRo shoe range is perfectly complemented with this coordinating range of accessories. Starting with high-quality care products for the ideal protection of leather against moisture and damp, through shoehorns and foot measuring aids, to perfectly fitting specialist socks – LucRo has it all for you.

LucRo comfort diabetic socks

Item No. Colour Gender Size
202100 mottled light grey unisex 35–36 to 47–48
202200 black unisex 35–36 to 47–48
202300 white unisex 35–36 to 47–48
202400 dark brown unisex 35–36 to 47–48
Product description:
  • Comfort socks, semi-plush, hand-knotted
  • special padding across the entire sole area
  • loose knitted cuff to avoid leg constriction

Display rack

Item No.  
202020-999 Display rack
Product description:
  • for LucRo Komfort diabetic socks including 28 pairs of socks (one pair of each colour and size)
  • rotates for easy product viewing

Foot measuring device

Item No.  
210009-001 LucRo foot measuring device
Product description:
  • up to size 50, for LucRo classic and LucRo kinetic, not suitable for third-party products


Item No. Product line Gender Thickness Size
229900 LucRo classic Women 9 mm 34–45
219900 LucRo classic Men 9 mm 37–50
259900 LucRo kinetic Women 6 mm 34–45
249900 LucRo kinetic Men 6 mm 37–50
279900 LucRo ergonic Women 6 mm 34–45
269900 LucRo ergonic Men 6 mm 37–50
309900 LucRo sportic Women 6 mm 36–43
289900 LucRo sportic Men 6 mm 40–50
Product description:
  • Special soft foam with an especially smooth surface to help your foot glide easily into the shoe
  • especially suitable for polyneuropathy

Alternatively, Schein also provides NovaPED insert blanks for special indications. Find out more at

LucRo care set

Item No.  
230999-000 LucRo care set with contents
Product description:
  • exclusive leather bag with contents
  • everything also individually available
  • Two LucRo leather care creams, one polishing cloth, one cream brush, one gloss brush


Item No. Colour
239477-0 black
239477-1 white
239477-2 dark brown
239477-3 beige
Product description:
  • elastic and available in different lengths (45, 60, 70 and 90 cm)

Shoe horns

Item No. Length Typ
230575-015 150 mm no hook
Q86441-016 150 mm with hook
230575-002 420 mm with hook
230575-000 500 mm with hook
230575-010 700 mm with hook
Product description:
  • metal, chrome-plated

Rotating disc

Item No.
099952-077 LucRo rotating disc
Product description:
  • practical rotating disc for determining correct width

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