Frequently asked questions

Questions on diabetic foot syndrome

What is the best way of caring for my feet?
What should I look for when choosing my footwear?
Which measures help in the treatment of foot wounds?
Who should I contact if I have a question?
Why is it important to wear appropriate footwear?

Questions on LucRo shoes

Are the insoles for the shoes prescribed at the same time?
Can each LucRo shoe be ordered individually?
Can the patient wear a pair of different-sized LucRo shoes?
How long does a pair of shoes last?
How often must the fit of the shoe be checked? Who is responsible for doing it?
Is it possible to wear LucRo shoes if there is a difference in the length of the legs?
Is merely prescribing the shoe sufficient to prevent new foot wounds?
What do S, M, W and plus 10 mean?
What is a rocker sole?
What should be done when the sole of the shoe shows signs of wear? Is it possible to replace only certain elements of the shoe, such as the sole?
Who determines which type of shoe should be worn?
Why is it important to dispense with the toecap?

Questions on shoe provision

Are there any contraindications and what alternatives are there to the LucRo special shoe?
What is the job of the technician when fitting the shoe?
What should be done if the patient complains of the foot slipping in the LucRo shoe? Doesn’t the shoe fit?
Where do patients choose their model of shoe?

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