When pain occurs every day

diagnosis rheumatism

The term ‘rheumatism’ covers many conditions, some of which are very different. The word itself is derived from Greek and means ‘streaming pain’, although sufferers experience a pulling, tearing sensation. This is exactly what the different forms of the disease have in common: rheumatism is almost always associated with pain and restricted mobility. In Germany, around a quarter of the population suffer from permanent disorders of the musculoskeletal system – one of which is rheumatism.

Many faces, one goal of treatment: pain relief and mobility

Rheumatism is a chronic condition in almost all its forms, from those that cause inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis, to degenerative joint problems caused by wear, such as arthritis. Those who are affected by the condition usually have to bear it for life. However, even though no complete cure exists, people with rheumatism can still be helped to lead a life with as few symptoms as possible.

There are many options in this regard. In addition to drug treatments and surgical procedures, there are other ways to relieve pain, promote movement and to restore quality of life:

  • healthy eating,
  • low-impact sports (swimming, cycling, tai chi)
  • and choosing the right footwear

Typical signs of rheumatism include streaming pain and increased stiffness of the joints, usually on both sides of the body (e.g. in both ankles or knee joints)

The new LucRo ergonic adapts to the condition and type of pain

In order to adapt the new LucRo ergonic to the individual condition in the best possible way, a strengthening insole can be fitted inside or glued in place. For instance, temporary reinforcement is necessary for an acute attack of gout. The mobility of joints is paramount in the period between acute flare-ups of gout. In such cases it makes more sense to wear shoes without reinforcement. The situation is different for rheumatoid arthritis because here the affected joint or joints should be immobilised.

LucRo ergonic – the best choice for rheumatism:

  • Soft materials of the highest quality
  • Ample space inside the shoe
  • Good fit and optimal pressure relief

LucRo ergonic

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Three choices – and a choice fit

The doctor or orthopaedic technician determines which of the three reinforced insoles best suits the patient with rheumatism or diabetes and whether these should be firmly glued in place or left loose in the shoe. The choices are:


Supralen RCH 500 reinforced insoles , nude, 1 mm


Supralen RCH 500 reinforced insoles , blue, 2 mm


Supralen RCH 500 reinforced insoles , red, 3 mm

Note: If a LucRo ergonic model is used as a special shoe for diabetes, a reinforced insole must be glued in place.

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