LucRo care tips

for longer protection

Only a fully functional shoe can offer optimal protection. No item of clothing is subjected to as many demands as a favourite pair of shoes. With a little attention and careful treatment, you can extend the service life of your LucRo shoes while making them even more comfortable to wear.

Our six shoe care tips:

Give your shoes a day off.
Allow them to recover from the strain they are under when you walk. By changing your LucRo shoes after wearing them for a day and giving them a 24-hour rest break, their service life will be increased many times over.

Change footbeds regularly.
Due to the high strain they are placed under, these can lose their grip after some time.

Use a shoehorn.
This will protect the extended heel counter and maintain optimal heel guidance.

Do not place your shoes next to the radiator.
Instead, allow them to dry at room temperature. For additional protection from drying out, treat the leather regularly with a quality shoe cream or a nubuck cleaning block.

Waterproofing protects.
Spray the upper material of your shoes before wearing them for the first time and at regular intervals with a moisture protection spray.

Brush the leather regularly.
LucRo also provides all the brushes and shoe cream you need.

LucRo care set

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