Active every day

Physical activity also promotes emotional
well-being, and therefore overall
quality of life.

Movement is not only healthy, it is also beneficial. In people with diabetes, it helps to reduce blood sugar levels. People with rheumatism can stop or slow down the progress of joint wear through regular movement.

But just as important: physical activity also promotes emotional well-being, and therefore overall quality of life. Being physically active doesn’t have to be in a sports club or gym. It can be a long walk, a group trip into the countryside or a forest hike. The LucRo sportic is perfect for just this.

Out into nature,
into a full life

Just like the other three LucRo shoe series classic, kinetic and ergonic, the latest collection also ensures perfect all-round protection that takes the pressure off the foot and reduces the risk of recurrent diabetic foot syndrome.

Anti-slip and weatherproof

With its sturdy sole, its weather-resistant material and athletic fit, the new LucRo sportic is the ideal outdoor shoe alternative to your solid everyday shoe. On gravel paths, hiking trails or cross-country – it gives feet a secure hold without pressure.

Innovative ‘rebound effect’

A special material in the midsole – an innovative particle foam, which creates what is known as the rebound effect in the latest running shoe models from well-known sporting-goods manufacturers, is also used in the new LucRo sportic. The special feature of the new sole material: if a high level of pressure is created when stepping, the sole immediately springs back to its original form. At low pressure, the material cushions the foot and absorbs the energy. This means the shoe wearer needs much less energy when walking and the joints are relieved.

Midsole with ‘rebound effect’ in the LucRo sportic

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